Backflow Prevention Testing

Backflow Prevention Testing: The Fortis Plumbing Way

Fortis Plumbing is fully licensed and accredited to provide back flow plumbing services. Only licensed plumbers with backflow prevention accreditation issued by a registered training organisation can inspect, commission and test backflow devices. We are referred to as backflow plumbers.

A backflow prevention device is used to protect potable water supplies from contamination or pollution of the mains due to backflow, usually from commercial properties.

Backflow prevention overview

Why do you need it? In Sydney, all properties that are connected to the fresh water supply are mandated by the government to get backflow prevention valve. As mentioned earlier, there is the risk of water contamination from pollution, so consider this as an extra protection for the people who will be using the water. With these installed, you can rest easy that you reduce the risk of contamination of freshwater supply. Ideally, this should be installed by a licensed plumber, preferably someone who has received backflow prevention accreditation.

What to expect with this service

The property will be inspected by a backflow plumber, who will be responsible in determining the risk to the water supply. For low risk properties, a simple backflow prevention device will be fitted to a 20mm to 25mm residential water meter, which is already sufficient for this purpose. Other types of backflow prevention valves are required for water meters that are larger than 25mm; these are often classified as medium or high risk. The plumber should be able to spot, which is the best one for your need.

Why choose us

We do not merely install backflow devices. We ensure that these are also working properly with our backflow testing service. In Sydney, all backflow devices must undergo annual testing to see if these are still in working order.

The Fortis difference

Need a backflow prevention device in Sydney? Then don’t hesitate to call us. Rest assured that when you get this service from us, you would only be working with experienced and an accredited backflow plumber who will install it for you or conduct routine checks if needed. We also work with trusted backflow device suppliers. You can be assured that when we install one for you, this will serve you well for a very long time.