Blocked Drains


Blocked Drain: Call Fortis Plumbing at Your Service

Fortis Plumbing maintains state of the art, innovative technology and equipment to identify and clear blockages in drains and sewers fast. Our high pressure water hose cuts through the toughest of blockages, without damaging pipe work.

If required, our sewer camera can show the internal condition of pipe work. This takes the guess works out of identifying the cause of a blockage and makes it easy to ascertain if pipe replacement is really required.

Our pricing structure for clearing blocked drains has no hidden charges for clients.

Why you should not ignore a blocked drain

There is no doubt about it – a blocked drain is a pain in the neck no matter the situation is. And the problem is that it can easily get out of control. It also does not help that it can be difficult to diagnose this on your own. Why does this happen anyway?

Blocked drains can happen to anyone. This can be caused by varied reasons. A blocked drain can occur when a pipe collapses. This can also happen when unwanted materials like grease, hair and other household items get trapped within the pipes. Blocked drain could also be caused by the presence of tree roots. Excess storm water may also cause this to happen.

Whatever the cause may be, a blocked drain can pose a lot of problems, not just to your home, but also to the environment. There have been extreme cases where blocked drains were so severe that these damaged houses and apartment extensively. What may seem like a small problem could lead to more expenditure, replacing or repairing damaged things.

There are some indications that you may already have one. If you experience the following, it’s time to call the professionals for help:

  • Presence of awful odors coming from your drains
  • Poor or failed drainage
  • Strange or gurgling noise coming from your pipes

The Fortis Plumbing Advantage

Consider us you blocked drains specialist that will not stop until your drains are working properly. We have been in this business for several years now and we can assure you that we’ll give you the best service we can manage. We have the best professionals aboard. When you call us, rest assured that you will have your drains in working order the soonest time possible. We also offer other types of plumbing services.