New Bathrooms

Fortis Plumbing has established long-term relationships with a diverse collection of professional, reliable tradesmen so that we can deliver your complete bathroom transformation.

Whatever your requirements, please call Fortis for a consultation and quote.

Importance of bathrooms

There are so many benefits to having a nice bathroom. For one, the user will feel special using the bathroom. Remember that no day goes by that you do not make use of the bathroom. We tend to visit it multiple times in a given day. Second, this can add some value to your home. A great bathroom is said to increase the worth of a home easily. This would come in really handy if you are planning to sell your property in the future. A great bathroom is also an easy way to impress your friends. People in general are attracted to beautiful bathrooms.

Fortis in the equation

We do not just take out a toilet or add a mirror. We can do a complete bathroom transformation. Why entrust this project to us and not to other design professionals? Bathrooms are our turf. Why? It’s because the foundation of a great bathroom is great plumbing, and it so happens that this is what we do best. When you get this service from us, your bathroom will not only look beautiful on the outside. You can be assured that this will not have pipe or other plumbing problems easily because the pipes and other plumbing systems will be installed by accredited plumbers.

We also have developed a great relationship with reliable suppliers. We can give you options based on your budget and other needs. Since we want you to enjoy your bathroom for a very long time, we will ensure that we’ll only choose materials that are considered durable and of great quality. Of course, we also understand that you would want to have a nice looking bathroom. With this in mind, we also hired the help of design professionals. We can promise that you’ll have a bathroom interior that you can proudly show to your friends and other visitors.

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