Pipe Relining

Fortis Plumbing Provides Ruling Lining Solutions to Our Customers Where Required

When digging up a sewer to repair a broken pipe is not an option, pipe relining is the perfect option. Having completed many relines for our customers in Sydney, Fortis Plumbing is confident that we can provide an affordable reline, tailored to your requirements.

Repairing a damaged sewer or drain is not a simple matter that can be effectively dealt with by just anyone. Problems like these need the intervention of professionals. Why? When not done right, a damaged sewer or drain can get ugly really fast. But, with trench-less pipe relining, you can easily say goodbye to this type of problem. In the past, this type of mess needed professionals to dig or excavate the pipe so that they could be given a way to effectively access it. This is no longer the case. With the new pipe relining, the only thing needed to do is use epoxy relining substance, which in turn creates a mould within the damaged pipe. You can think of this as having a new pipe within the existing one.

Why is this better compared to the old way of repairing damaged sewers or drains? For one, this is considerably stronger. Compared to the average PVC pipes, the materials used for pipe relining are a lot stronger. In fact, some even say that no other type of material comes close to its strength. The new pipe relining materials can last up to a period of 50 years! In case you are wondering what are the materials used to make these, they often consist of Epoxy, Silicate, Polyester, Resin, and Vinyl Ester. Some other materials may be used depending on the individual situation.

Another benefit to pipe relining over the traditional method is that the job can be done in a matter of hours. No more need to wait for several days before you can make a full use of your drains.

Why choose us over other providers? It’s because we care about your satisfaction. There are several types of pipe relining techniques in the market, but we make sure that we only use the best-in-class solution. We also genuinely care about the environment and only use sustainable plumbing practices.