Rain water tanks

Fortis Plumbing: To the Rescue on Your Rain Water Tank Problem Needs

With the increasing demand and requirements for new dwellings to have rainwater tanks, Fortis Plumbing is actively promoting the installation of rainwater tanks where possible. If you want to use the water from a rainwater tank for general use in the house, special requirements exist. Please call Fortis Plumbing for assistance with your rainwater tank installation.

The staff at Fortis plumbing is fully trained and aware of the latest technology to assist you with your rain water tank installation.

Why rain water tanks are needed

There is now a growing concern for the depletion of some of our natural resources and water happens to be one of them. Authorities are now encouraging its residents to conserve water in any way that they can because while people may think that it’s always an available resource, it seems that clean water is not. One of the easiest ways to do this is by having a rainwater tank. This should of course be in line with Sydney Water and Local Council guidelines.

Water stored in the tanks actually has many uses. These can be used for the following purposes:

  • As a pool water
  • For washing boats and vehicles
  • For watering the gardens
  • For cleaning the pavements
  • For flushing the toilet

With a rain water tank in place, people can easily cut down their water utility bill, saving them from having to spend so much on water consumption costs. As water becomes more and more scarce, it is already expected that the water utility costs will increase in the coming future.

Fortis Plumbing to the rescue

When you let us install your rainwater tank, we will provide you with needed documentation so that you can obtain the Sydney water rebate as per indicated in Sydney’s Water Policy.

Take note that there are different types of water tanks such as concrete tanks, fiberglass tanks, colorbond metal, and polyethylene tanks. We’ll be giving you the best option in accordance to your individual need. Aside from the tanks, we can also install other necessary accessories for you like filter bags, water pressure pumps, and backflow prevention devices. Now, if you are concerned about mosquitoes, we can provide you with tips to ensure that you are always protected from these nasty insects.

Installing rainwater tanks will of course have its upfront costs, but these will have long-term financial and environmental benefits.