Trade Waste / Grease arrestors

Fortis plumbing are the grease trap, trade waste specialists in the Sydney cbd. Weather your business requires a new grease arrestor, compliance from Sydney water or general maintenance, we are the company to call.

Trade wastewater contains solids, oil, grease and other substances. If you discharge it directly to sewer, it can:

cause blockages and overflows

overload wastewater treatment plants

pollute our rivers and beaches.

To ensure you don’t cause any of these problems, you must:

have our approval to discharge trade wastewater to sewer

apply for approval before you install pre-treatment

use only pre-treatment items

use a licensed plumber to install the equipment.

Fortis Plumbing can assist with your grease trap as there are many factors to consider:

  • Select the correct sized grease trap. An undersized grease trap will not treat your trade water and you may be asked to increase the size.
  • A Grease trap must be installed by a licensed plumber in accordance with the PCA and sydney water requirements.
  • The location of the grease trap to allow for best performance and the most efficient pumping out and servicing.
  • It is better for grease traps to drain by gravity to the sewer, as this causes fewer operating problems.